Spanish slang word for Police
"Put the cuete away holmes, here comes the placas
by latindoggg July 24, 2003
Top Definition
A tattoo, something that is ink in your body that is until you burn it off.
thats one hell of a placa, homie!
by alpha2700 January 24, 2008
noun: (Spanish) a call-sign or "handle" used to describe a person's nature or personal characteristic. The nickname embodies his persona or look. It is 'cholo' street name for homies.
That tall boy's placa is Casper because he always wears white t-shirts and keeps his head shaved. He says, "Casper es mi placa."
When I was in the hood, mi placa was "Little Spanky."
by Laniidae August 02, 2007
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