A weird looking new pokemon that looks like a pikachu except covered in zits or spots and all that stuff (maybe even STD's) resembling a slice of pizza.


A Pikachu that loves pizza
Ash Ketchum: "Oh wow what's this?"
Professor Oak: "It looks like a new pokemon"


Ash Ketchum: "I thought pokemon liked pokeblocks"
Professor Oak: "Apparently this one is different. It likes human food."
Pokemon: "Pizzachu?"
by Kelly Lenigan March 06, 2008
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Top Definition
a gay ass word my friend Antonio made up thats only meant to annoy the hell out of people
Me:sup antonio
Me:your fuckin emo dude
Antonio:i like candy
by [GrIm] December 17, 2007
To chew pizza, the only word you are allowed to say with your mouth full while consuming the supreme holiness that is pizza
Pizza.. Pizzachu.. PIZZZAAA
by ShadowLing March 08, 2015

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