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A person with the afliction known as acne.
hahaha your face looks like a pizza, pizza face
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
69 53
SomeOne With Really Bad Acne.
Hey You Seen Derrick He Has A Pizza-Face Now.
by Maria R August 16, 2006
11 4
When a persons face has an enourmus amout of pimples on it a very bad case of acne
pizza face pass da blunt
by FATYYONE August 09, 2006
39 32
Character from an All That! skit
He pizzaface... go eat your penis.
by Ninja God May 09, 2005
25 18
Someone who has a bad case of acne. Whiteheads for the mozzerella and red blotches for the sauce.
Man, did you see the shape of Frank? He's got some fuckin pizza face that kid!
by miggelzworth October 20, 2010
17 14
A greasy teenager who never washes their face and/or body and develops bad acne which leads to being teased and unpopularity
"Lee you fag, get out of here you pizza face"
by Tam March 16, 2004
6 6
When you 69 with a girl who is on her period. You eat the girls pizza sauce and she eats your cheese and sausage.
Ay yo girl, you wanna make a pizza face with me tonight?
by BoysIsBitches February 23, 2011
6 7