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The part of the pizza that's left over after someone's eaten the part with all the toppings on it.
Bob didn't like the crust, so he left all his pizza bones on his plate.
by Kate April 19, 2005
n. - the outermost (usually overcooked) untopped edge of the pizza by which most of us hold each slice while consuming.
hey dude, you gonna eat your pizza bone?
by brass knuckle head May 30, 2007
The edge of the pizza, which has no toppings, the "crust". Often left over, which most normal people simply refer to as crust, but Victor calls "bone" as in "pizza bones".
Mike said "Dude, don't put your crust back in the box, there are pieces left in there, that's gross" and Victor from then on, left his pizza bone on his plate, like civilized people do.
by VictorD May 16, 2012
An incorrect way of saying pizza crust.
"Can I get those pizza bones?"
"What the hell are you talking about"
by E'Fresh February 20, 2007
The wierd plastic aparatus you often find stuck in your delivery pizza. This is used to prevent the box from squishing it and/or turning it to pizza mush before it gets to you.
"Awww, David always gets to play with the pizza bone...It's my turn!"
by Charlie Q. Badly November 10, 2007
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