A mixture of jizz and piss when a guy masturbates hard but not hard enough to squirt, and he drinks a lot of water, so he needs to go to the bathroom.
When one masturbates, one must jizz, or else he will have a bad case case of pizz.
by waterboy August 15, 2012
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Sometimes after you masturbate, and take a piss, you jizz a little.
Brandon: Dude! I just just pizzed in the toilet!!!!
by alex t dd ddd August 10, 2009
The combination of pee and jizz which normally comes out after the piss following having sex or masturbating
Dude after a fucked kayla I took a long ass pee but I had to stand there for like 15 seconds after to get the pizz out.
by Wierd ass September 09, 2009
When you pee after you cum you sometimes get a mixture of pee and jizz resulting in pizz.
" O Becky you were great in bed! Now I have to go to the bathroom to pizz!"
by Brandflakes101 November 28, 2012
word of origin - french with a hint of RockRollying

noun: the combination of piss and jizz that is produced and discharged out of a males reproductive organ
Some may enjoy the taste of pizz after enjoying a large melon.
by Melon Defiler May 03, 2011
1. When jizz and piss mix
Oh shit dude, I think I just pizzed in her!
by legitman101 May 15, 2011
That INCREDIBLE feeling felt during urination (piss)immediatley after having an orgasm. Combination of remaining semon (Jizz) and urine that delivers a near 2nd out-of body experience of ectasy.
I cant wait to go for round 5 baby....but first ,I realllly need to Pizz!!.......
by creative1 July 21, 2010

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