A mixture of jizz and piss when a guy masturbates hard but not hard enough to squirt, and he drinks a lot of water, so he needs to go to the bathroom.
When one masturbates, one must jizz, or else he will have a bad case case of pizz.
by waterboy August 15, 2012
To be completely fucked up in the head.
Shit, you are Rugladur og pizz
by Joakim Adalond November 15, 2003
Another slang term used by changing the letter s to z. Used in chat rooms and IM conversations.
I need to take a pizz.
You pizz me off.
by GothicAmy July 16, 2004
i gots to take a pizz.
to take a piss.
by pizzle August 04, 2003

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