Noun, or, more commonly, a Verb. May also be spelled "Pizown." A Pizone is the act of owning something or someone via decapitating them with a pizza box (usually thrown like a frisbee or very large shuriken).

This word was derived from a semi-popular Pizza Hut foodstuff also called a Pizone.
*leaps out of nowhere and hurls pizza box at opponent, decapitating them*

"Hah! That was a Pizone."/ "I just Pizoned you."
by SwordmasterX September 13, 2007
Top Definition
The act of being wrecked by someone or something. also pizoned
Oh man that guy just kicked you in the nuts you got pizoned.

Oh man you work at charter that sucks man life just pizoned you.
by Dannypants June 09, 2004
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