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Person whose only real physical activity or brush with danger occurs in MMORPGs. Typically chooses a heroic online name and persona, but could'nt do a pushup in real life.
Grundar Bonebreaker? I know that geek offline. He got beat up by the treaurer of the Girl's Chess Club. What a pixeldick.
by Mothshade June 01, 2005
The digital image of a small penis.
Brett Favre: Yo, u wanna see something cool?
Jenn: Okay.
Brett Favre: Do u think I'm sexy?
Brett Favre: r u there?
Jenn: ROFL it's so tiny it's a pixel dick!
Brett Favre: :(

Brett Favre now appears offline.
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
An online STD, caught from engaging in cybersex with promiscuous partners.

I was cybering with SheCat last night, when I saw a real pic of her irl I caught pixel dick.
by Thoughtstipated November 27, 2007