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1. (noun) one who an entire group of people has sexual relations with, or something of that nature;
2. (noun) a girl from USC
They call Gabby Pit stop, because everyone used her.
by North hills March 07, 2008
When your armpits smell so damn good that broads try to lick them. A distant cousin of the infamous rim job, but focused in the pit region. If this act transpires whilst the recipient is dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool (much like the blumpkin), it is referred to as a "Taco Bell."
"That dirty hose-hound tried to take a Pit Stop in the middle of the airport so I ran to the bathroom, but then she just ended up giving me a Taco Bell."
by Bojo Dojo November 17, 2007
Another word for deodorant
Dud, you need some pit stop.
by VeganMan October 20, 2007
A lesbian act where one girl eats a peach out of the other girls ass, and spits the pit in her vagina.
I'd pay fucking cash money to see Michelle Bachman pit stop Sarah Palin.
by Peaches and Creem August 15, 2011
The act of ejaculating into your partners arm pit and then resuming to engage in sexual intercourse.
Bro, i just gave my girl a pit stop last night! I laughed, but i don't think she liked it.
by T. Pimpin' July 21, 2011
When a man has sex with a woman's arm pit.
I ran out of holes to have sex, so I gave her a pit stop.
by stairway456 July 14, 2010
sexual favor
Pit Stop - when the guy is bent over doggie style the girl jacks you off and puts her finger in your butt.
by Ryan, Justin November 01, 2008