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Acerbic female, usually bitter and twisted . Quite often anti-social. Stays in and posts on internet forums all day.
'When she talked, she came across as a right little pisswitch'
by ans August 26, 2004
Flexible in meaning. Can be used to describe a disagreeable, unreasonable, or bad-tempered individual.

The word was first used in Malta after the originator - whilst sleeping one night - dreamt of using it in an argument.

The word is now most likely to be used and heard in and around Cardiff and South Wales.
"Excuse me, but I THINK you'll find that the '74 Chateau Latour is in fact, the superior wine, you roguish buffoon."

"Oh pipe down, Hugo, you absolute piss-witch."
by secretsandpies November 11, 2015
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