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ones eyes, usually a positive connotation by referring to the deepness of the warm piss melting a deep hole in the snow
That phat azz matches yer pissholes in the snow. cracka.
by Vivector February 03, 2004

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when your eyes are sunken in after a night of drinking and no sleep.
Michael came into work this morning and his eyes looked like two pissholes in the snow.
by Deborah Spicer July 06, 2006
Holes made in the snow, that are not attractive because you know how they were made.

Normally used to refer to a persons eyes "The morning after night before" when they have a very bad hangover, and it shows.
1. "Man what a night I had last night, I got totally pissed!"

2. "I can tell, your eyes look like piss holes in the snow."
by Dorsai December 23, 2010