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A condition that is very common in Australia.
When an individual drinks a large amount of alcohol on a regular basis they get conditioned to the point that hangovers and side effects hardly ever occur and multiple beverages of various alcoholic mixes do not make them feel too drunk to function properly or nauseous.
see how many beers Azza sculled last night?” - “yeah that cunt’s fucking piss fit”
by CYCD September 08, 2011
Being able to handle your alcohol or not
Man ive been drinking all day and half the night ive worked up my pissfitness levels.. or look at that dude he's only had 3 drinks and he's smashed already he,s so not pissfit
by B rendo May 20, 2009
uncontrolled display of negative emotions, tantrum.
When Heather's Dad found she was pregnant, he threw a piss-fit.
by Habbakuk July 02, 2005
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