argotic french verb
to urinate
Je dois pisser.
If you would please excuse me, i suddently feel the urge to urinate.
by tchize January 12, 2006
German for a guy who really sucks. approximately derived from pissen= to pee somewhere
Der blöde Pisser hat es schon wieder versaut!
This sucker bugged it up again!
by Mr dumb December 12, 2011
English slang for bathroom. It is the pathetic attempt of English people to be gangster like the cool Americans.
Excuse me sir, could you please direct me to the pisser?
by viggom555 December 04, 2008
1-For something to be bad, annoying, or to piss you off.
2-A urinal or toilet.
3-Someone who really dampens your mood.
1-Jack: I got an F on my maths test =(
Vic: Well that's a pisser.
2-Jack: Hold on, I need to go to the pisser.
3-Vic: Well she's a little pisser.
by Spazzie McGee March 21, 2008
Something irritating.
Ack, that was a pisser.
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
Tiny flaps around the hole a woman pisses from
"dave just shagged that tasty bird you were after"."Are you pulling my pissers"
by DR RYAN May 17, 2008
A night on the town getting drunk with your friends. Used frequently by NE English types. So named for the obscene amount of urine created by drinking 18-24 pints of Stella over the span of an evening.
"I went out on a pisser last night. I cound't even find my britches this morning."
Slang term for a cat, especially one who sprays cat piss inside.
Person 1: Man it stinks of cat piss in here.
Person 2: Yeah the cat is a real pisser. It was locked inside today and must have pissed somewhere.
by Trouser Minnow April 28, 2008

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