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very very annoyed and bored stiff with an act by an individual or individuals. fuming with anger , upset
She was pissed off with her work colleague before she finished work and had to get a taxi home as she was too upset to drive
by tapiwa aka miss tapiwa March 02, 2007
137 108
antonym for being pissed on.

"At that party, CJ drank so much that he got pissed on, now he's just pissed off."
by jackass January 05, 2003
16 47
Something to be grateful for;being pissed of is a gift
Being "pissed off" is better than being "pissed on"
by demi February 19, 2004
13 51
just pissed off with the whole male human race
by anonymous August 22, 2003
38 76
Applied to inanimate objects. Usually in reference to clothing. Something that is bad ass (usually retro), but sometimes obnoxiously so.

(a) Can also be shorted to merely "pissed"
That 70s Hawaiian shirt is pissed off.

(a) Figuring out how to play NES on our PS2 is so pissed.
by JessicaKa March 11, 2005
3 43
the bad way of sayin peed off so if u wana b a nauty boy or girl then say it all u want!
a wise man onc sed, "its beter 2 b pissed off then pissed on!"
by Chet and Josh November 06, 2004
11 56
another way of saying that's bullshit!
Man that's pissed off!
by Beth December 06, 2004
8 61