Literally translated destained fashion. Other translations: bad fashion (dress or behavior), bad taste. Used when you dont like were the person is going with their thoughts, and/or how the person is dressed.
Example 1:
Person A: They say there is a ghost that lives on this house.
Person B: Pish posh, your just trying to scare me.

Example 2:
Person A: Damn, you have a pish posh of clothes.
Person B: Your clothes are all sorts of pish posh.
by Hey-La August 08, 2006
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declaring one's opinions or thoughts absurd, irrelevant or redundant.

blowing off someone's statement.

"let's get together! it's only been 3 years sarcastic!"

"oh, pish posh! i saw you last week!"
by mareycherry November 17, 2005
"shes wearing my shirt!"
"oh pish posh"
by Briana E November 04, 2008
When someone compliments you, and you're the shy type who just dismisses things like that, you can blush, look at your shoes and say this.
"My, Adrienne, you have beautiful eyes!"

"*Blushes* Ohhh, pish posh..."
by perfectandslow October 06, 2003
(1) Feeling or showing a lack of interest or concern; indifferent.

(2) Feeling or showing little or no emotion; unresponsive.

The act of trying to "get it over with".
Sean: "Silvana, you are getting me JAMBA!"

Silvana: "pishposh"
by HEADCRUSHER January 14, 2004
a word that u use when u dont have anything smart to say to someone that's lying and u cant prove it.
oh pish posh! (or u could say pish poshness)
by paola August 10, 2003
A very beautiful woman that is born to a family of French origin. This individual is incredibly good looking and is usually the talk of the town. Many women are jealous of her and want to be just like her, but unfortunately for them, there is no chance in hell of that happening. Any woman who reads this remember that you can never reach the title of "Pish-Posh" like the woman being described. She knows who she is.
"Did you see that beautiful woman from ZP with the initials D.C?"
Yeah man I totally did! She looked Pish-Posh
by Everyone loves French June 27, 2011
Pish Posh is used when you know something isnt right. Instead of going YA RIGHT, you simply say pish posh, This term is usually used with older drunken women in north carolina.
Phil: Marissa your boobs are soo big

Marissa: PISH POSH!!

Phil: I know you got small boobies
by Peter Peters April 18, 2009

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