a very hard drink which is made of grapes. originally It came from Peru. Although Pisco is a traditional Peruvian drink, the best pisco is made in Elqui valley, which is located in the 4th region of Chile. The grapes which are harvested in this valley are used to produced Pisco and Wine.
This pisco is horrible, where did you get this shit!
Sorry, it's Peruvian, I couldn't find Chilean Pisco
by chilenodecorazon August 25, 2009
Top Definition
Peruvian pisco is a grape brandy, distilled from fresh grape must. Pisco is transparent or slightly yellowish, with an alcohol content of about 42%. Pisco is also a port in Peru, the very same port where the liquor was first exported from thus giving it its name. Chile which also produces a lower quality Pisco has stolen both the name and the market place for the liquor.
There is nothing more Peruvian than a Pisco Sour.

by hkfdlf July 08, 2005
Alcoholic drink made from distilled fresh grapes. It's name comes from the city of Pisco, Perú. Sometimes compared to the italian Grappa, but differing in the process (Grappa is made from wine, not from fresh grapes). Chile also has it's "Pisco", a bad copycat of Grappa named after the original peruvian product.
let's get drunk with 'tis 1337 ub3r r0x0r original pisco, not that pos teh p00r chileans have to mix with coke becuz it sTinkz0r!!11one
by it's made in Pisco October 10, 2005
Alcoholic drink from Perú, imitated by Chileans, coz' they can't create anything original. Our Pisco is a fine drink, source of one of the greatest cocktails in the world called "Piscosour"(try the peruvian, not the chilean coz'tastes like cool aid with rum!!) . Even their flag is an imitation of the State of Texas flag!!
Man #1: What is called that greenish drink with a tiny foam layer on top?
Man#2: Oh! It's called Piscosour. Is from Perú, try mine's.
Man#1: Damn! It's the best cocktail I ever tried, I'll get one from that table.
Man#2: You like it?
Man #1: Arghh!! What the crap is this, Oh my! I got to go to the bathroom, oh man call 911!!
Man#1: Hey waitdress: Is my friend's Piscosour Peruvian like the ones in the bar right?
Waitdresss: No. The ones in the table are free samples from Chile, you've got to pay for the Peruvian ones.
by Aldiño June 21, 2006
A grape brandy first made in Pisco, Peru. No matter what any Chilean may tell you, Pisco is one hundred percent Peruvian. The Chileans are jealous of Peru's awesomeness because their country is lame and they don't have incredible incan ruins or the largest lake in south america or great beaches or the nazca lines or their own language or the amazon rainforest. basically they thought they could steal the Peruvian drink and hell no because Peruvians are crunk ass mofos who wont stand for it.
Chilean: pisco is from chile
Peruvain: Wrong! you're just a jealous copycat who is mad because your country looks like a skinny penis. Pisco es Peruano! VIVA EL PERU!
by Marcelita de la mancha September 23, 2006
This is the definition taken from Wikipedia...

Pisco (from Quechua: pisqu, little bird,1 or named after a type of clay pot,1 or after a port in Peru2) is a colorless or yellowish-to-amber colored grape brandy produced in winemaking regions of Chile3 and Peru.2
Pisco was developed by Spanish settlers in the 16th century as an alternative to orujo, a pomace brandy that was being imported from Spain.4 Pisco takes its name from town of Pisco, located on the coast of Peru.52 The first vineyards were planted in the coastal valleys in the Viceroyalty of Peru, when vine plants arrived from the Canary Islands. Even though Spain imposed many restrictions on wine production and commerce, the wine-making industry developed rapidly, such as in the corregimientos of Ica.
Please note that the first Vineyard was made in ICA, Peru.
I do not understand the IGNORANT arguments from Chileans and Peruvians. The bottom line is Pisco was brought to Peru by the Spaniards, who also spread to Chile. However, as stated in Wikipedia the word Pisco was derived from a bird in the Quechua dialect spoken by Peruvian Incas. I do not get the fights between the nations about "wars", "whose better", blah blah...just pure ignorance!!!
by STOP THE IGNORANCE!!! November 18, 2011
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"Man Pisco is sexy"
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by Brett Sheehy April 17, 2006
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