act of rubbing one's cock against a fellow seaman

note: also a group activity
Join the US navy where Pirate Booty is the most popular group activity
by MisterD February 15, 2003
Top Definition
A great tasting snack made from rice and corn with the finest ingredients in the world. Fans are called Booty Heads, eat 'em and youll be hooked.
YAR! This Pirates Booty be good, yaaaarr!!!
by sup@chu June 19, 2006
A deliciously healthy snack, or "cheese puff," made by Robert's American Gourmet snack company. Choose from 162 fabolous flavors! They taste like air, so you can't feel guilty for eating an entire package!
"Dude, you're such a Booty Head."
"F You Man!"
"Dude, all that Pirate's Booty must be goin to your head"
by Lyn-z April 03, 2006
another name for calling dibs on the front passenger seat of a vehicle. Connotes the triumph of plundering treasure from fellow swabbies.
phil: "let's go to the store."
jake: "okay."
bill: "pirate's booty!"
jake: "asshole, you know i get sick in the back seat."
bill: "you're too slow. just be glad you're not sitting bitch."
by kevrockselmundo July 10, 2008
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