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A username that someone uses when kicking someone's ass at that game
Dude, that bastard piratemonkeys keeps T-baggin me!
by it's me, duh November 09, 2010
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term used in an invader zim episode to represent pure randomness.
do i get a pirate monkey?
by moon August 01, 2004
20 6
It is a person who constantly steels another persons items unknowingly.
"Willma, quit jacking my lighter, you damn Pirate Monkey!"
by Kyle Sanchez April 03, 2007
9 5
In Invader Zim, it is the name suggested for the resistance by Shloonktapooxis. Lard Nar ignores it and goes with the name "The Resisty."
Lard Nar: We need a name. Something that will strike fear in all who hear of the resistance!
Shloonktapooxis: How 'bout the "pirate monkies!" It's an awesome name.
by INVADERCHRIS January 15, 2005
11 8