When you are having sex, you kick the girl in the shins so she hops on one leg and you come in her eye so she can only see out of one. Then she looks like a pirate!
She looks like she just had pirate sex!
by Fission1 February 16, 2008
A rare sex phenomena that rarely occurs naturally within intercourse. You do not necessarily have to be a pirate to engage in pirate sex but you do need a beard.

Pirate sex is when your fucking a girl and when you reach climax you both cum at the same time and you scream ARRRRRR!!!!

Than as she gets blasted, she suddenly grows a beared and screams (in a higher pitched voice) ARRRRRRR!!!!

Then suddenly, you hear a third voice lower than both others (Kinda like a dying, broken-down car engine) mutter ARRRRRRRRR...

This voice must come from a distant male relative whom you did not know was in the residence prior to the beginning of sex.

The aftermath is the most pleasurable experience possibly in the Caribbean!
Girl: Oh randy! Oh randy!!! I wanna have pirate sex!!!

Guy: Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!! *SPLRSH* ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Girl: I love you!!!!!!! *grows beard* ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Relative: ARRRRRRRRR.....
by Beard dawg July 24, 2011

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