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the act of attacking another person with a fart, by first proclaiming loudly "ARRRR" in the manner of a pirate, pressing the butthole against the target, then releasing a fart, prefereably noisy.
I pirated farted her when she refused to let me cut her in line.
by BI May 06, 2005
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n. A flatulence released while atop of a surf board in such a manner that the vibration is felt throughout the board while producing an odor so foul that your olifactories feel as if they had been attacked by a band of pirates. The flatulent must occur below the water and must be smelt above.
I would have been killed by that shark at Rodanthe Pier if it had not been for Brendon's pirate fart which swiftly disoriented the beast.
by Mudshark138 September 15, 2008
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