A school in western new york. They have a decent girls basketball team, track team, and marching band but a lousy football team and baseball team. They are often refered to as the "hicks" or the "farmers" due to their incredibly rural location. They are also steriotypically a bit behind the learning curve (though do occasionally produce something successful)
Person 1: I went to Pioneer!
Person 2: Ha ha, farmer.
by your mom eats bubblewrap April 13, 2009
Top Definition
Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect. Can be used to refer to music, clothing, language, or anything really.
1."Those pants are pioneer yo"
2. "I'm going to lay down some pioneering beats!"
3. "We're just kickin' it like pioneers!"
by txSpiderman September 19, 2006
When the North American continent was first being advertised as "FREE", thousands upon millions of people from Europe came flooding the eastern part of what will later be called The United States of America.

These people left Europe because they were religiously excluded due to their different beliefs and ideas. This was a time where new religions were being born and mainstream people seeing these new takes on reality were feeling threatened by new establishments.

So, being already seen as complete psychopaths, these religious groups were again booted and were forced to trek west to where they would be known as "pioneers" where the trip was a tough one.

They would later tell tales of how they were able to defend themselves against the Native Americans and how awful it was that they were being attacked for no apparent reason.

Today in America white people feel connected and appreciate the pioneers and what they have done for them.

Native Americans can say different.
The Mormons were pioneers as they made their way across the nation to create and preserve a new found future.
by pcberdwin October 04, 2006
Dumb ass hicks from the middle of nowhere who are referenced a lot to justify actions.
Bob: You know Joe, you really shouldn't rob that bank
Joe: Ah, what the fuck. The pioneers did it!

*Larry just egged a house*
Bill: hey Larry good job! That's how the pioneers did it!
by Lasage November 07, 2008
those singular hairs that blaze a lonely trail down a male back, discovering as yet unhaired real estate, slowly attracting other hairs to follow it into unhaired territory.
"Every day I wake up and look in the mirror, and more and more pioneers are showing up on my back. Now, they're showing up gray!"
by Bald Fu November 21, 2007
A small town in the middle of Amador County. A town full of tweekers, alcoholics, and rednecks. It consists of 1 grocery store, 1 bank, 3 gas stations, and no stop lights. Pioneer is just a small hick town in the sticks. There's always something goin down in this nothin town.
99% of people when they hit a patch of ice and start sliding say "Oh shit". The other 1% are from Pioneer and they say "Hold my beer, watch this"
by BAMF33 May 31, 2013
The act of attaining a whole new level of fucked up. Generally used in reference to pot as most other substances can get your body into some serious harm. Party on ;)
Bobby: Gentlemen, tonight we pioneer a new level of high. Trailblaze on!

*throws an 1/8 on the table*

Group: Yeaaaaaaa!
by Big Mac McDickle January 08, 2012
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