When you are getting a blowjob and the girl/guy sticks a pinky in your ass.
That Bitch gave me Pinky Wave.
by RedMedic November 27, 2005
Top Definition
Waving only the pinky at another driver that has pissed you off, thus insinuating that his penis is the size of your pinky. Also good for greasy-looking kids who have their music on too loud.
I gave him a pinky wave to go with his fake-ass spoiler and blown-out speakers.
by nybbler May 04, 2006
Waving your pinky at a driver you see whom you would like to pull over to have sex with. If they wave back, go find a nice spot and do your thing.
That driver is so fine! I'll flash her the pinky wave, and hope I get lucky!
by JackJeckyl252 April 14, 2010
the awkward wave done using your pinky because you are talking on the phone and don't actually want to aknowledge them.
"I saw one of my old friends the other day, but gave him the pinky wave because he's weird"
by b-rice June 04, 2007
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