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A technique used to gauge the width of another one's gluteas maximus. By putting the tips of ones thumbs together (palms down) and extending both pinkies one can now determine if the ass they are eyeing can fit between the pinkies.
Travis, check out the ass on that swilly. Buy me a beer... I am going to go administer the pinky test.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
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before you give oral sex to a female insert your pinky finger and smell before you decide to proceed
she failed the pinky test so i double rubbered and she did not get any tongue loving
by lofiEddie September 07, 2006
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You(a female) takes her hand(flat) and inderts fingers starting with the index into her pussy until it hurts or it wont fit anymore. & when she hits the pink she's a whore. & if she makes it to the thumb she's fisting and should kill herself.
Dude idk if i'd fit so i made he do the pinky test and she got to the ring finger. Thank god kuz if he hit the pinky i was outta there!
by D.Dizzle3 August 06, 2008
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