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A pseudo-random wav file which has equal distribution of energy in each frequency octave (e.g., energy between 1 and 2 Hz is equal to the energy between 10,000 and 20,000).
Pink noise can be used to test an MP3 encoder.
by credit to Ars Technica May 29, 2004
Late 80's indie band from Hull who had reasonable local success on the coat-tails of the Housemartins though they sounded like a cross between the Redskins and New Order.
Released Thin End Of The Wedge in 1988 which was heard on John Peel
Fancy watching TOTP tonight?

Nah, I'm off to the Adelphi to see Pink Noise!
by Paul Mac September 08, 2006
when a male who posseses an unusually deep voice hums in the direction of a woman's vagina at her perfect intimate resonant frequency resulting in an instantanious orgasm. similar to brown noise.
charlie humming the pink noise: HMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

kat: OMFG!!!!!(screams with unrelenting pleasure)
by Pimpwood February 01, 2010
The PC version for the audible side effect when screwing a female. Originally called quaif or quaiffe(Fr)
This is too obvious (unless you are a virgin)
by Patrick Lewis March 13, 2004

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