Taking an outrageous yet plausible long shot at goal in a sporting game e.g. Fifa, 2k etc.
"Dude, we need a goal bad"
by The phantom pinger September 16, 2013
A tease on a dating site - someone who persistently sends cute or cryptic messages, but has no intention of meeting you - they are just testing the waters. Pinging you.
A pinger sends a message like this in the middle of the night: Having sweet dreams? Leaves you wondering - does he want to meet me? or is this what I can expect if I keep communicating with him? Cute, cryptic, ambiguous messages...
by jjoyous1 February 27, 2013
The ancient language of the European nation, Spain defines 'pingers' as being the meaning of the male genitalia. Although, this ancient language is no longer used in modern Spain; using such a term is rude and offensive. It is not recommended to use the term whilst travelling in modern Spain.
One would think you were homosexual if using the term in the following way: 'I want to get me some pingers.'
by Pingerz r ma lyf October 11, 2011
A gloid, with horse like behavior. Often drives around in the neon green whip. Smelly- a combination of BO and fart
Damn, she just blew up the bathroom, then tripped on her way out, .... what a Pinger
by Clownshoes55 January 30, 2008
An imalgimation of piss and fingered.

The act of masturbating a female, using your fingers to penetrate her, whilst she urinates.
"He wasnt exactly sure if he wanted to pinger her, but she wanted it."

"She couldnt wait to hook up with a guy and to spend the rest of the night getting pingered silly."

"There's nothing more absoloutely disgusting then walking in on your little sister in the middle of a pingering session."
by Stonii July 30, 2007
A pinger is generally a video game term. It might be used in the real world some time, but I don't know anything about that. A pinger is an attack that yields no success. It's name originates from an arrow that bounces off of a piece of armor, which usually makes a "ping" noise.
A paintball team decides to storm the "base" and steal the other team's flag. However, everyone on the invading team is taken out. The at-base team yells "pinger" at the losing team, smiting them with disgrace.
by Peter J. H. August 25, 2006
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