A tease on a dating site - someone who persistently sends cute or cryptic messages, but has no intention of meeting you - they are just testing the waters. Pinging you.
A pinger sends a message like this in the middle of the night: Having sweet dreams? Leaves you wondering - does he want to meet me? or is this what I can expect if I keep communicating with him? Cute, cryptic, ambiguous messages...
#online dating #internet dating #dating #relationships #disappearing masn
by jjoyous1 February 27, 2013
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Another word for pills or extacy.
Norm,"Got any pingers mate?"
camjoo,"Yeah man I have some mitzies!!"
Norm,"Wooooohoooo!! Lets partay!"
by camjoo May 27, 2005
An ecstacy pill.
"Im keen to get on a pinger tonight?"
by Diego August 25, 2003
another word for ecstasy tablets
"lets get on the pingers tonight Paps!"
"ok what you got?"
"Some Red Mitsi's!!!"
"Lets get RRIIIGGHHHTTT ON IT!!!!!!!!!!"
#drugs #ecstasy #lollies #pill #skatila
by Permanence December 17, 2009
an ecstasy tablet (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)
oi lad you getting on a pinger tonight
#pinger #ecstasy #pill #tablet #mdma #pinga
by GIBBO ONE January 20, 2009
An erection of superior quality.
A pinger is a defining euphamism for a superlative pork stonker which, if hit sharply with a ball pein hammer, would make a pinging noise like sharply rapping a tuning fork with a drumstick.
#hardon #erection #stauner #boner #stiffy
by Doorstop December 20, 2009
A pinger is someone who has better internet than you (ms) giving them an advantage in PvP.
Most likely coming from minecraft users who lag..
John: 27 ms

xxPvPkillerxx: 230 ms

John has slayed xxPvPkillerxx
xxPvPkillerxx: you only won because you're a pinger!
#minecraft #ping #ms #games #lag #pvp
by GhostSs May 12, 2015
Taking an outrageous yet plausible long shot at goal in a sporting game e.g. Fifa, 2k etc.
"Dude, we need a goal bad"
#pingers #have a ping #heheh pingers #gol #golaso
by The phantom pinger September 16, 2013
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