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On the guitar, pinch harmonics is the act of lightly touching a string with the edge of your thumb/palm (picking hand) after plucking it. Similar to natural harmonics except you're not playing off a fret. If you use a lot of distortion and gain it produces a squealing effect.
A lot of guitarists use pinch harmonics, most notably Zakk Wylde, but also players like ZZ Top, Dimebag Darrell, and even Steve Vai.
by bryan18 July 25, 2005
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AKA "artificial harmonics"

An electric guitar technique in which the player slightly touches the string AFTER picking a note. The fundamental sound of the note will be effectively cancelled, producing a high-pitched, chimelike harmonic squeal in any position on the fretboard.

Often used to "spice up" rock and heavy metal songs, when overused they are a great way to disguise terrible playing and/or writing.
Zakk Wylde is a fucking dipshit and horrible guitarist who covers up his shitty playing/songwriting with excessive pinch harmonics.
by Chris Lamb, "El Gringo" August 20, 2007
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when you press your butt cheeks against something hollow and toot.
dude dont you dare do the pinch harmonic on my door.
by Jordan Yaun April 18, 2007
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