When you're so tired that you bounce off whatever's directly in your path (walls, small children, Grandma), much like a pinball does.
I pulled an all-nighter last night, so when I got up today I was pinballing for a good five minutes.
by poetofnowords September 15, 2008
Top Definition
The act of bumping into walls en route to your destination like a game of pinball. Usually induced by massive quantities of alcohol and often precedes the act of calling dinosaurs.
Check it out, Keur is pinballing again. Get him a bucket.
by fatlipper February 06, 2010
The act of a girl "bouncing" from one guy to another, then to another, and another, and back again to any guy previously encountered, in an erratic and unpredictable matter similar to that of a pinball bouncing off objects and scoring points with each bounce in a pinball machine, and with the purpose of finding a guy to "hook up with" at the end of the night. Each encounter is relatively short-lived and involves flirting, dancing, making out, drinking, etc.

The ability to pinball increases in very crowded bars or clubs wherein the ratio of guys to girls is extremely high. Often, the destination for a night of pinballing is pre-selected by a girl and her girl friend(s) based on previous success at that destination. The act is usually accompanied by a feeling of giddiness due to the plethora of options, the thrill of the unknown outcome and the night's combined adventures. The act is also often induced by the consumption of excessive quantities of alcohol.
The club was packed with hotties, and my girl friend and I were pinballing all night long.
by bittersweetie April 14, 2011
In racing games, when a player looses controll of his or her vehicle (whether by lapse of concentration, colision, weapon, or other means), causing the players vehicle to bounce uncontrolibly off the walls of the track for several seconds, resulting in severe damage or death. Usually occurs on turns or straightaways while traveling at high speeds.
I was doing really good, but I took this turn to sharp, and ended up pinballing off the walls. You can guess what happened...
by NuclearNinja May 25, 2007
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