small inconspicous pimples
can you see those pimpies on my ass?
by pimpie mcpimp-face November 04, 2004
Top Definition
And adjective for describing something that is pimped out or done extremely well with more bells, whistles and bling than it possibly should have. Often used in office culture to describe how one's work can be a shining example to others.
That laptop is pimpy.
Make it pimpy!

by King of Pimp February 05, 2007
1. Of exeptional quality, or truly excellent in nature.

Pimpy was originally used in reference to the quality of clothing and accesories found on street pimps, but modern useage has expanded to inclued any item, experience, or situation.
1. How was the movie?


2. I can eat six foot sub all by my self.

by J. Tournoux August 01, 2006
(n.) a small pimple
tina: my wedding is tomorrow and my face is breaking out!
sarah: calm down, it's just a few pimpys.

lauren: i tought i had a huge pimple right in the middle of my forehead but when i looked in the mirror it was just a pimpy. i should be able to cover it up before my date tonight.
by DJ Dypa September 04, 2009
pimpy is a young pimp or pimp's son lol
Just look at that sweet little pimpy
by bankeerrrr May 08, 2006
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