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someone that women enjoy; Sean Meehan
Sean Meehan is a pimpsta.
by cky2k October 01, 2004
16 15
tha guy thats a pimp and gangsta. snoop dogg is tha real pimpsta.
I'm a C R I P and a P I M P too, I'm a real PIMP PLAYA from 213 crew
by homie December 01, 2003
21 8
a term that refers to marijuana. pimpsta is a code name for weed.

pimpsta can also be the action of smoking marijuana
hey man, you got any pimpsta?
ye guy i got a QP, wanna buy some and then pimpsta after?
by SlimMthug April 30, 2009
3 4
a dude that not only pimps but pops any bitch that disrespects him
Bitch 1: that pimpst it onr bad mo fucka
Bitch 2: fo sho
by jew bot 5000.2 May 26, 2005
6 7
someone that tries to pimp 2 girls @ once but fails
Geo is a pimpsta because he likes s* and t*- (taken already by benj :P)
by benjsta November 09, 2006
1 4
sean drei
sean is a pimpsta no quetions asked
by anonymous February 20, 2003
9 43