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Plain and simple, when someone is a <i> stone cold pimp </i>.
That boy just slapped a ho for being $20 short on the night, he's just a straight up pimpsicle.

See also: Denzel Washington in Training Day.
by FeliciaH February 24, 2008
Michael Canniffs defination of a old 1950's bike with a horn,basket,and it is hot pink!
"Dang the bike is a complete pimp-sicle"~~~Michael Canniff
by DancerChick951 May 10, 2009
1. A very cold pimp, usually by standing outside in the winter offering either a bizach or ho to any man that is willing to $pay$
2. A popular frozen treat sold by 50 cent and Ice-T. Only two flavors available: latex and pimpjuice.
Damn it is snowizzling! I am so cold that i am turning into a pimpsicle!
by miranda hever April 11, 2004