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Noun. Meaning: One amazingly ballin'-ass motha fucka, who is so fuckin' cool that bottles and cans recycle themselves in his presence, nuclear waste cleans up after itself, and computer viruses disappear when he enters a room. Taught MacGyver everything he knows. Anyone with a Master's degree in Badassery and a Doctorate in Smartassery.
"Whoa! What the hell is that?!"

"This is my broadsword. Bitch."

"You are the pimpshizzle, indeed."
by treefrogjohnson April 19, 2010
When someone is beyond the pimp and is sizzlin' like bacon.
"Did you see that...that...that pimp so pimp, he was pimp shizzle! Unbelievable."
by Penelope the Pimp Shizzle February 14, 2009
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