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that which is possible only for pimps
Dayyyyyum that girl aint givin me no lovin . Gettin with her is pimpossible!
by yolandre peck March 10, 2008
insanely impossible people who believe everything is possible.
I am impossible and you are impossible, but when we meet we are PIMPOSSIBLES Avi.
by Goru-Gori February 28, 2011
When its impossible to get a hoe out of your league. A stuck up women you are unable to mac on because she plays hard to get.
Your game is so weak all females are pimpossible.
Man your never gonna get that girl she's pimpossible.

If you get her nothings pimpossible.

Its pimpossible to get that girl to start trickin for ya.

Yo that women has a pimpossible temper, she needs to be bitch slapped.
by Pimposity January 05, 2009
If it's impossible fo a pimp, its definitely imposible for anyone else. Therefore it is PIMPOSSIBLE!
*Getting to be da prezident is WAY pimpossible, dawg!*
by Tia Caramel November 21, 2004
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