Namely the walt diseny character piglet. He is always, so horny that he would fuck anything he sees (no matter whether male, female, human, not human...even a stone as long as it has a hole!). Fortunately he is kept tied up by Anna (marla). Because of pimpi's sexual power...anna, besides keeping him tied up also uses it at times.....IT IS FUCKING BETTER THAN THE BEST VIBRATOR IN THE WORLD!
A: how's pimpi doing?

B: why do you even ask? he's fucking horny and ready to stuck it into a hole.
by Alex2k November 08, 2004
Top Definition
"Pimpis" is an latvian swearing word, that means "penis",
Pimpis is such as in english - dick
Girl: Hun, do you want to make love tonight?
Boy: Yes, u will suck my dick(pimpis) too?
Girl: YeAhhH! AllriGht!!!
Boy: Sweet!!!!
by FoXyS November 14, 2006
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