an activity that men in purple suits partake in by slapping some hos around and taking money they acquired by having sex with lonely men.
Is pimping easy?

Hell yeah...

Somehow that is correct.
by some1 random May 11, 2006
Often used today as a word to describe "dipping"
Its used just like dipping or bouncing
Person 1: "You pimping"
Person 2" "Yea man lets go"
by Thatkid022 May 05, 2010
Being so awsome it hurts.
You pwnzoring that nub was "pimping"
by Jesus Christ our Lord January 17, 2006
Use pimping in exchange for up in the sentence Whats up.
What's pimping homie?
by Tootsie March 30, 2005
when you are laughing so hard that you have to
Pee In My Pants.. P I M P
When I get really stoned, I laugh so hard that I pimp.

Can also be used in reference to other people ex. I think she is pimping....

Can also be used as Shitting In My Pants.... SIMP
by leigh tk December 13, 2005

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