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a mix between a pimp and a nympho. one who can get a bunch of girls to be addicted to sex with him. always a guy.
man, that pimpho is so hot, i wanna go shag him
by barthalamuela September 28, 2005
A compound noun deriving from pimp and ho, stemming from, a pun on, and rhyming with bimbo. Refers to a female who possesses all or some of the qualities of a bimbo while utilizing said qualities through overseen prostitution, i.e., under the supervision of a pimp.
This Guy: Check out that chick, dude. What a hot piece of tale. Imma buy her some drinks and try and sweet talk her into a little of the old in and out.

That Guy: Adjust your glasses there, dude. There's no need for drinks and deceit, you can just pay her up front. That's a pimpho not a bimbo.
by This Guy & That Guy June 23, 2010