above the degree of awesomesauce, not quite as spectacular as boss sauce. 'nuff said.
That tempurpedic pillow is pure pimpsauce!
by mccrackwhore June 27, 2011
Top Definition
When you are close and tight with a higher authority.
Yo, I saw you talking to the CEO today. Word, I'm pimp sauce!
by sugarbuns June 05, 2009
The sauce that pimps are made of....the JUICE!!!!
Nice shoes, pimpsauce!
by anonymous CMO trader October 26, 2006
Similar to noobsauce and awesomesauce, pimpsauce is made of pimp and sauce. It is very stable like awesomesauce, and is used to describe something totally pimp.
Guy1: Hey, I finally perfected these antigravity boots!

Guy2: Pimpsauce to duh max!
by Teh Spudzorz February 23, 2009
a nickname for a gangsta native american
"yo wats good pimp sauce"
"nm man just chillen"
by Ffish789 April 06, 2006
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