Sarcastic putdown for someone who is trying a bit too hard.
Hey, check out "Pimp Daddy" over there!
by ManyTreez June 19, 2005
The Father of a pimp
Pimp: Hello Pimp Daddy
Father: Hello my son (the pimp)
by SammmmmmyRR110 June 19, 2005
1.Someone who is both a pimp, and a Daddy.

2.Someone who is the father of a pimp.
1. Geoff is setting a bad example for his children, he is selling prostitutes and has a grow-op in his own house.

2.Mark is very dissapointed in his son, he wanted him to become a lawyer, but instead he became a pimp.
by Kevin B. June 19, 2005
Commonly substituted for neat guy.
What's up pimp daddy?
I am the pimp daddy.
by Anonymous February 04, 2003

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