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when some one has taken pills and the effects control the actions of your penis eg it will not erect for the duration of the effect of the drug
"shit i cant get it up ive got 'Pilly Willy'"
#pill #dick #willy #drugs #penis
by greasey July 13, 2006
When you munch too many dids and your cock shrivels up and remains floppy.

Derived from the Latin 'Pillius Willius.'
I couldn't shag that bird after the rave as I had pilly willy.
#floppy #flacid #pills #beans #mdma
by sirgurnalot October 09, 2011
When one has consumed too many ecstasy pills and therefore an erection cannot be achieved, resulting in no craic-at-all flaccidness.
''Sorry Charlene, I took way too many yokes in Club Hell tonight, just cant get it up, fuckin Pilly Willy.''

''You and YOUR PILLS!!''
#pilly penis #yokes #dibs #yobs #dabs
by Martin Lynn February 06, 2014
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