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The milk of pigs, came from the BBC comedy 'Look Around You'
'This pilk is delicious'
'Ghosts smell like pigs milk: Pilk'
by SLA November 21, 2006
Person I'd Like to Kill
This dude's a PILK
by Le Dodu May 11, 2011
Everything and anything, and yet it can be nothing. It's the air we breathe, the salt in the ocean, the spokes of a bike tire, everything, everything you can possibly imagine, is Pilk.
Guy 1: "awh dude i just caught a sick wave but got all the salt water in my mouth"
Guy 2: "you mean Pilk water"
Guy 1: "what? Pilk water?"
Guy 2: "yeah Pilk, it's in everything, it is everything"
Guy 1: " Wow! i never looked at it that way! everything is Pilk!
im gonna go surf on some gnarly Pilk water!"
by Baby Farx Mageezax January 02, 2011
a man/boy from ages 13 to 100 who is a fat ass guy who is a man whore.that fucks anything that has a pussy.
The pilk is at the park playing with James' anaconda.
by ivvet&janet January 13, 2008
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