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Paraplegic I'd like to fuck
Look at that PILF in the wheelchair, she's a hottie!
by seemor bunz September 29, 2009
22 17
Podiatrist I'd like to fuck.

Podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Finally, we have a word to describe those hot foot doctors!!!
I went to the doctor today and let me tell you, she is one hot PILF.

Dude, I finally hooked up with that PILF I've been telling you about!

by Detroiteah November 17, 2010
7 3
Politician I'd Like to Fuck
Which P.I.L.F. is the hottest, Sarah Palin or Christine O'Donnell?
by Hot Rod 42 IMCA September 22, 2010
12 8
Pineapple I'd Like to Fuck

When you see a pineapple in the supermarket that is just so tempting, you find it hard to resist the burning urges to have sexual intercourse with said pineapple.
"Oh my God, Honey, look at that pineapple. Is that not a beautiful pineapple?"
"I see what you mean. That pineapple is such a PILF."
"Let's buy it before someone else can!"
"We'll have fun tonight."
by PINAPHILE March 09, 2009
28 24
Encouragement of sexual activity between too people. Stands for, "Penetrate It Like Fuck".
"She's hot."
by alanc32 September 10, 2011
5 3
Potato I'd Like to Fuck

Similar to MILF
OMG, Dylan is such a PILF, I wanna bake him and stuff him with cheese and bacon.
by PotatoBoy November 14, 2013
1 0
PILF: (n) Acronym referring to a "Philosopher I'd like to fuck."

Me: Dude, Wittgenstein is a total PILF!
also Me: Yeah, good thing reading Wittgenstein is a total mind-fuck.
by causasuigeneris May 12, 2013
1 0