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to shit yourself as a result of being completely pissed
1. that was messy, i was so drunk i even pilched myself.

2. did u hear about that kid?
yeah, i heard he pilched all over the bed
by PISTx80 March 04, 2009
a rag or dirty shirt used to mop up cum (semen) after masturbating
John, please throw me my pilch, i'm finished and need to clean up.
by cz11112 July 30, 2008
The act of dining with others for free when one is unable or unwilling to provide suitable currency.
“Sorry guys, I’m going to have to pull a pilch at dinner tonight”
by Antiquist February 07, 2010
Where you accidently do something right- doing something luckily
I just pilched my exams!
by WOOOP March 23, 2004
Used to describe something good or expressing admiration for something.
I love your new hairstyle, it's really pilch.
Those jeans are pilch.
I went to a pilch party last night!
by AlexSmith June 03, 2007
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