The biggest douche bag frat on campus.
They like to wear neon hats and have neon koozies.
They like sperrys and flip flops.
They wear polo on a daily basis, I'm sorry Ralph Lauren, I know that makes you look bad.
They think they know style by wearing Southern Tide or Vineyard Vines.
They think they are southern gentleman.
They will talk to you one minute and when ever you text them sometime in a couple weeks, they don't answer.
They like to think they are in a brotherhood, but really it's like a sex trade between naive high school girls and other sorority hoes.
There is normally some illegal prescription drug activity between some "brothers"
They like to think they are cool because they drink "mixed" drinks.... 1 time is not cool.
They like to shotgun cheap beer.

Refer to douche bag or homosexual
Did you see that Pike? He is such a douchebag.

Did you see that guy over there? He is such a Pike.
by TheGirlThatWroteYouASong September 21, 2011
Top Definition
Nickname for the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Pike is renowned nationally for its size and prominence. Pike may refer to the physical fraternity house or the social organization.
1: "Do you know what fraternity he's pledging?"
2: "Yeah, he's pledging Pike"
by dekcirbed December 23, 2006
Frat; Liked by only one group at every college: Themselves; Known for being good at three things:
1) Snorting Cocaine
2) Lifting Weights
3) Date Raping
I scored an eight ball off the best dealer on campus. He's a Pike.

My sister got roofied by one of those damn Pikes.

by P Willie January 27, 2009
To bail.abandon an activity with your mates. To wimp out.
What do u mesn you're not coming. Dude dont pike on me. You are such a piker
by anon E Mouse December 08, 2003
1. A long pole with a blade fixed on the end of it, used by the infantry in medieval times.

2. The turnpike, a highway on which you must usually pay a toll when you get off.

3. A fish commonly found in northern lakes and ponds. Very aggressive.
1. The soldiers charged, waving their pikes in the air as they ran.

2. I ran somebody off the pike the other day.

3. Uncle Bremus caught a giant pike the other day.
by Delthryn April 02, 2005
the turnpike
We got about a good two hours on the pike left, we better stop at sbarro to break up the trip.
by james labocki June 24, 2004
Someone on modern warfare 2 who camps in the corner of a room with a claymore in the opposite corner
watch out theres a pike in that room
by Axxov2 October 05, 2010
Sit at the beginning of any quest or raid, hoping for a completion while attempting to contribute as little as possible.

Soulstone backpacking is also an acceptable form of piking. Usually performed by characters named: Hordo.
Man, Hordo piked the crap out of that raid!
by DDO_Mts June 23, 2011
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