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This word is used when playing Blackjack, typically at a casino. It is usually yelled out when you have 'double-downed' on 11 and the dealer is about to draw your last card.

The idea is to yell it loud enough so the deck of cards can hear you and produce a pikcha (picture) card so you will finish on 21.

Sometimes can be yelled out when you have 10, 9 or even 8 and you desperately need a picture card.

* You have a 5 and a 6, the dealer points to your cards *

Dealer: "11?"

* You take some chips and match your current bet *

Dealer: "doubling down, on 11, one card only..."

* Dealer reaches for a card *

You: "PIKKKK-CHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" (pikcha)

* The card is a 2 *

You: "for fucks sake"
Dealer: "13, play or forfeit?"

by Kirill K October 22, 2006
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