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Spanish slang word used in Central American countries to name the penis. While it is a curse word, pija has a lot of other uses and derivated words. Synonyms: Verga.
Spanish: "Mirale la pija a ese burro."
English: "Look at that donkey's penis."
by Jfire03 March 26, 2007
is used in central and south america is derived from verga or pico which means dick
a.k.a paja=jack off
1:mi pija es mas grande que la tuya!
-my dick is bigger than yours!

2:si claro, pero mi pija es mas negra y peluda!
-yeah right, but my dick is darker and hairy!

koko:pepe estas ahi?--pepe are you there?

pepe: me la estoy pajiando!dejame empaz--im jacking off,leave me alone!

by MiGu3 July 29, 2008