the species of fugly women that hang out in seedy bars hoping some desperate loser will take them home and impregnate them. Often display their excess girth with spandex. also known as swamp donkey, blockormore, bar troll
man1 "Hey mate, there's a sweetie beggin for the mutton dagger"
man2 "Are you fuckin mad? It'd take a case of beer and a labotomy to get me to go home with that pig slut"
#related words: swamp donkey #scabby bitch #butterface #slampig #blockormore
by Hugh Jas April 27, 2006
Top Definition
A lowly slut; The lowest of whore's. Gutter slut is also her/his name.
God that gal is a pigslut! She blew every guy at the party!
#whore #slut #gutterslut #pig #fuckpig
by mslisa_p January 09, 2008
The lowest of sluts. The pigslut enjoys humiliation and debasement for sexual pleasure.
Lisa's a pigslut! She loves men using her and humiliating her!
#whore #slut #gutterslut #pig #fuckpig
by January 02, 2008
A fat ugly person who has nothing but hate for all forms of life except cats. They live in utter filth and survive by sucking the joy out of other people. Truly vile they spit venom, smell of cat piss and have toxic cunts.
That girl is such a pigslut.
I can smell that piglslut.
He was sick after going with that pigslut because she is toxic.
#pig slut ##pigslut #swamp donkey #satan #pgslt
by fabulouslyfucked October 02, 2013
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