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It basically is another way to call someone a little shit
guy #1 " whats up man "
guy #2 " yo moma "
guy #1 slaps the guy #2
guy #2 " it was a joke you piglet fuck "
guy #1 " oh sorry man "
guy #2 " sorry is not gonna make it ok "
guy #1 " fine the you can slap me "
guy #2 takes out gun and kills guy #1 spits on corpse

and says " you're still a piglet fuck "
guy #3 hears gun shot and and calls police
guy #2 is standing behind guy #3 while hes

talking to the po po and whispers " have fun in hell piglet fuck "
then he shoots guy #3 in the balls and lets him bleed to death
po po #1 hears gun shot over phone and alerts the chopper
guy #2 picks his nose with gun barrel
choper po po #1 spots guy #2 picking nose and

snipes him in the head, then he yells to choper po po #2 " I got that

stupid piglet fuck right in between the eyes "
choper po po #2 says " that was a little kid picking his
nose with a squirt gun you retarded piglet fuck "

chopper po po #2 " shit "
by heavysack March 05, 2010
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