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To be crossed over so badly in basketball that one's feet are pointed inwards like a pigeon's. Lingo used first in NBA Live 2004 in Jermaine Dupri's song Nobody Live Like Me.
::expert:: "...fresh da deppa ya got da pigeon toe goin now..."
by ATM April 04, 2005
10 22
Very small male erection that can be seen though his pants. The same as camel toe or goat's toe but on a male.
This guy Mathew had the most disgusting pigeon toe today!
by blaaaaa5 January 12, 2012
2 6
A toe which has had the toe nail permanently removed
All the kids got out of the swimming pool in a hurry once they took a look at his pigeon toe!
by 2quickmick February 19, 2009
6 21