To pig roast is to have two men have sex with a woman on either end. Then they stand up so the girl is only being held up by the men's privates. A third person may join to spin the girl to make a complete pig roast.
John, Sarah, and Cris were obviously doing the PigRoast last night.
by SwagMasterFinn March 24, 2015
When two males both enter a female from each end and lift her up, being able to spin her around like she is being roasted like a pig.
That girl was so light, it went from a threesome to a pig roast in no time!!
by Ricky Chinchilla April 09, 2011
Similar to the Eiffel Tower, the pig roast involves two men and one woman; the woman is taking it in the mouth and pussy or ass. However, instead of the men high-fiving over the woman, they rotate the woman as if she were a pig being roasted over a fire.
Pig roasting her made me a man.
by Gupta Pause August 17, 2008
It's when three dudes triple up on a fat chick: Two dudes are there for the rotisserie and the third dude provides the "marinade".
No example needed, just need three dudes and one fat chick and you got yourself a pig figure it out from there.
by Trent Turner January 05, 2011
A popular American custom for feasting at family get togethers, wherein a whole pig is roasted for everyone to chow down on along with other pot luck items.
Mr. Gentile loved the pig roast, but Jacob just stuck with the potluck dishes (Isaiah 65:3-4).
by Jacob Israel May 27, 2009
Find a porker in the club to take home then stuff an apple in her mouth and proceed to fuck her from behind while spinning her on your cock like you are roasting her.
Yo dawg I took this porker home from the club stuffed an apple in her mouth and pig roasted dat biatch.
by Grime Time April 25, 2008
A sexual encounter in which a woman over 200 pounds is picked up in the air and penetrated from both ends, and slowly rotated like a rotating roast.
Went to a club and asked a girl "do you like pig roast." She was like "yeah." I said "Do you want to have one?" She was ok with it, and we went back to my house and i called a friend. I put it in the back and he put it in the front. And we slowly rotated. And she went crazy.
by EazyN87 March 26, 2008

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