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the act of two men giving double penetration to someone with one in the mouth and one in the preferred back access. . . and then spinning her around like a pig on a spit.
We pig roasted this skank last night after happy hour.
by Zotts September 12, 2008
An erection that is ordered, mandated and/or required during the time when a couple is trying get pregnant. This is most often needed when a couple is having sex purely for the purpose of getting pregnant, whether they are in the mood for sex or not.
Husband: "My wife just texted me that I need to get home and bang her."
Friend: "What? Your wife texts you for sex?"
Husband: "Nope. She's ovulating. Gotta go put on my game dick."
by Zotts May 07, 2015
When exercising, this a method of self motivation that involves getting behind someone attractive and letting their hot ass pull around the track to do more laps.
May also be done on treadmills.
Q: What are you doing?

A: I'm going up to the park to run a few laps. Yup, I'll be ass-drafting my way through a 5K.
by Zotts June 16, 2010

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